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HK-CON GmbH Maschinenbau from Fulda develops, designs and ­manufactures automated, ­multi-axis CNC turning and milling centres for individual large-scale production. The basis is formed by modular production units that are flexibly and economically combined with the respective optimum technologies for the most diverse applications.

Single-, two-spindle and multi-spindle solutions can be realised with the HK-CON modular system as well as appli­cations with driven tools for drilling, milling, turning and grinding. In addition, tool turrets and tool magazines with quick-change devices are also in use. All HK-CON ­machines are ­designed for highly productive, automated operation.

The company employs around 60 people.

Our products and services:

  1. Machining systems, machines
  2. Production cells
  3. Automation systems (transporting, gripping, sorting, detecting, positioning)
  4. Application programming (Siemens -S7, CNC Siemens 840 DL, measuring systems, tool breakage monitoring systems, industrial robots Kuka, …)
  5. Electrical planning (industrial applications, controls, actuators, sensors, bus systems, controllers)
  6. Switch cabinet construction
  7. CAD constructions (SolidWorks)
  8. Manufacturing, contract manufacturing, individual and small series, turning, milling, grinding, welding …
  9. Device and component assembly, special components, individual components
  10. Service on machine tools
  11. Training, product support

»The confrontation of proven solutions with new ideas is the benchmark of our actions«

Our products and services stand for increased effectiveness, competitiveness and sustainability.

Problem analysis, discussion of alternative courses of action, product development, manufacturing, delivery time, training and service support form the basis for our lived customer orientation. Distinct knowledge and many years of experience are in every product.

Good and successful solutions need motivated and competent employees. It is the individual people who make the company what it is. With commitment, creativity and the constant willingness to positively accept the new, efficient plants and systems are created for our partners.

Our offer for you is individually tailored to your specific needs. No matter what task you have for us or in which industry you are active.

Let us tackle tasks and solutions together.

Greetings from Fulda

Walter Kraft
Reinhold Kraft
Waldemar Hildebrandt

HK-CON The company at a glance

The foundation was based on our knowledge and experience in the mechanical and control design of machine tools for the machining of metals. With our solutions concerning the geometrical position of the working spindles and the tools, the highly efficient production of mass turned and mass milled parts is possible.  From the very beginning, we have relied on proven suppliers such as Siemens, Schaeffler, Bosch Rexroth, Festo etc.

By adding automated loading and unloading systems to the machines, further fields of competence were occupied.

Today, plants are no longer conceivable without the use of driverless transport systems, conveyor belts, gantry loaders, industrial robots with various gripper systems, image processing systems and measuring systems. In addition, we have developed our own motor spindles for tools and work spindles, spindles, clamping systems, shaft feed-throughs, tool storage and tool transfer systems.

Our ambition is to always develop user-friendly systems, taking into account the latest technology and costs.

HK-CON Firmengebäude


Regionality makes us strong

We produce exclusively in Fulda. Since 2002, we have been facing all challenges together and growing with them.

HK-CON Fulda

HK-CON Expertise

Products, services and solutions

  • CAD design of workpieces, assemblies and systems
  • Production of automation systems
  • Application programming
  • Electrical planning, switch cabinet construction
  • Manufacture of turning and machining centres for large-scale production
  • Parts production, equipment and component assembly
  • Service on machine tools, production, process and automation equipment
  • Training, production support
HK-CON Expertise

Corporate philosophy

We are mechanical engineers with heart and soul. For over 20 years, the name HK-CON has stood for reliably good performance. We fulfil our corporate responsibility towards the environment and society out of conviction. In particular, the protection of our environment is important to us – it is a lived principle in the company. We see intelligent networking, artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, new materials and innovative machining processes as an opportunity and incentive to continuously optimise our products.

We actively engage in the qualification of our employees through training and further education. We achieve our result in a cooperation with customers, business partners and in our team that is characterised by honesty and fairness.

The indispensable basis for this is open and transparent communication, which we promote and demand.

HK-CON core competences

Design of mechanical parts, assemblies and systems, production planning, CAD, CAM


With the knowledge and experience of our design department, we create – from draft to detailed planning – technical drawings, models and manufacturing documents via SolidWorks. Diverse solution modules exist in the design of sheet metal and steel housings, the application of machine elements such as bearings and guides, the design of motor spindles and rotary unions, clamping elements, hydraulic and pneumatic components.

HK-CON Konstruktion – Ergebnis und technische Zeichnung
HK-CON Konstruktion

Production of automation systems, conveyor systems and handling systems (industrial robots, grippers, linear and rotary axes)

To reduce manufacturing costs by shortening production times, facilitating/eliminating human labour, ensuring quality, optimising resources and making processes more flexible, we equip our customers with automation systems.

Essential functions of these systems are: Selection, identification, positioning, gripping, transport, delivery and transfer to downstream systems, positioned storage.

We use the following function modules in these systems:

  • Roller, step and vibratory conveyors
  • Link belt and scraper belt conveyors
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric gripper systems
  • Imaging evaluation systems
  • Testing and measuring systems
  • Linear axes via toothed rack, ball screw, linear motor, pneumatic cylinder
  • Industrial robots
  • Driverless transport systems
HK-CON Automation Roboterarm
HK-CON Automation
HK-CON Automation Rohre
HK-CON fahrerlose Transportsysteme

Application programming (controls, robot systems, test and measurement systems, MMI)

With the configuration and programming of the software systems used, we fully develop the performance of existing and newly created machines and plants.
In addition, data is generated from the sensors and actuators and transparently exchanged with or received from higher-level IT programmes, e.g. ERP systems, for further processing. Based on the networking, correct structure of the data, effective production planning, control and regulation is given via communication. The focus is on programming Siemens SIMATIC S7, CNC 840, HMI, industrial robots from ABB, Kuka, Stäubli, Yaskawa, Fanuc …

HK-CON Anwendungsprogrammierung

Design, planning and manufacture of electrical control, regulation and power circuits, manufacture of control cabinets

Our task is to connect various electrical components and communication elements, including sensors, actuators, motors, regulating, control and switching devices, machines and systems, measuring and testing systems. According to the customer’s specifications, we draw up circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams and assembly diagrams and manufacture switch cabinets, distribution systems, operating panels, surface-mounted and built-in housings.

The focal points of our connection are:

  • Air- and water-cooled asynchronous and synchronous drives
  • Servo drives up to 30 kW
  • Linear drives
  • Optical and inductive length measuring systems
  • rotary and position encoders
  • Quantity, temperature and pressure measuring systems
  • Operating and monitoring systems
  • Image processing
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Industrial robots
  • Frequency converters
  • Power controllers and switches
HK-CON Schaltschrankbau

Design and manufacture of turnkey turning and machining centres

Our modular building block concept of machine bed, interlinked horizontal/vertical motor spindles, universal tool superstructures and tool storage units machines metallic workpieces in high-volume production. Accuracies down to 5 µm with the shortest cycle time in combination with investment costs are decisive criteria for our customers. Special solutions exist in the combination of turning and milling functions with fixed and/or driven tools, the arrangement of the axes in flatbed, column or portal design.

Machining of the workpiece is possible with up to 3 motor spindles/rotary tables in 3 set-ups on one bed. This enables simultaneous, independent machining of 3 workpieces. With the addition of synchronous spindles, 3 times 2 motor spindles are in use, a doubling of productivity is achieved.

Dreh- und Bearbeitungszentrum Batterierahmen
Dreh- und Bearbeitungszentrum

Parts production and unit/assembly mounting

We manufacture your workpiece/assembly according to sample, sketch, drawing or step model – as a single part or in series. Materials: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, non-ferrous alloys, plastics.

Complementary processes with partners:

Surface treatments

  • Painting
  • Powder coating
  • Black galvanising
  • Yellow galvanising
  • Hot-dip galvanising
  • Hard chrome plating
  • Chrome plating
  • Burnishing

Heat treatments

  • Stress relief annealing
  • Soft annealing
  • Quenching and tempering
  • Hardening
  • Surface hardening


Quality assurance

via CNC measuring machine, roughness and height measuring device

Workpiece dimensions


Milling Turning Surface grinding Cylindrical grinding
x-axis: 4500 mm Ø: 450 mm 3000 mm Ø: 220 mm
x-axis: 800 mm 500 mm
z-axis: 800 mm 1000 mm 380 mm 1000 mm
Teilefertigung Kreuzgelenkstern
Teilefertigung Differentialgetriebe-Gehäuse
Teilefertigung Flanschmitnehmer

Service on production, process and automation systems, retrofit

Malfunctions in the production process or quality defects lead to increased costs, accompanied by the loss of market shares and reputation. The analysis of malfunctions, the replacement and repair of defective electrical and mechanical components as well as the upgrading of equipment and control systems are part of our understanding of service. In addition, we support environmentally oriented approaches such as reuse of goods, reduction of resources and reduction of energy used.

Centre of gravity components

  • Rotating bearings and linear guides
  • Rack and pinions
  • Belt drives
  • Electric drives
  • Motor spindles
  • Shafts
  • gear wheels
  • gearboxes
  • hydraulic and pneumatic valves and cylinders
  • sensors
  • Connectors
  • cables
  • circuit breakers
  • Actuators
  • Frequency converter
  • Operating elements
  • Controls SPS and CNC
  • Industrial robots and gripper systems
  • Automatic clamping systems
  • chip conveyors
  • Cooling lubricant systems

Training, production support, quality inspections

In the training courses, our employees impart their knowledge and experience to the operating and management personnel. In addition to demonstrating the field of knowledge, their application in practice is also shown and thus sustainably transferred to the participant.


  • Machining processes
  • Geometries and coordinate systems
  • Tools
  • Clamping systems
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Industrial robots
  • Controls
  • CNC programmes
  • 3D coordinate measuring systems

For an effective production start/restart, we support you with our personnel directly on site. Especially in this phase, knowledge and experience are advantageous, wrong decisions or operations due to unknown situations are avoided and the restart/restart costs are significantly minimised.

During production, our staff trains your operators, advises on setting up the machines and systems, answers all questions, supervises and optimises the individual process steps.

Schulungsraum HK-CON
HK-CON Schulungsraum
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