Machine tools

Complete machining of differential gear housings on one machine

• incl. internal machining
• 2 clamping situations
• Cycle time: 94.2 seconds

The housings are machined simultaneously by two separately operating main spindles on 6 driven and up to 12 stationary tools.


The machine concept:
Complete and complex machining on only one machine bed

Werkeugmaschinen von HK-CON: Differentialgetriebe-Gehäuse

Application – suitable for …


Housing part


Bearing shield


See the production line differential gear housing in action



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Equipping the plant

The loading conveyor equipped with pallets with a capacity of 20 blanks conveys the workpieces to the machine loading station.

Grippers transfer the workpieces to the clamping device of the first of 2 machining stations.

Processing station OP10

grün eingefärbt = bearbeitete Flächen

Bearbeitungsstation OP10 Differentialgetriebe-Gehäuse

colored green = processed areas

Work steps

1  Calottes: roughing

2  Bolt hole: pre-drill and deburr, inside and outside

3  Outside diameter and flat surfaces: roughing

4  Inner diameter: roughing

5  Inner diameter: sizing

6  Outer diameter and flat surface: finish

Processing station OP20

Bearbeitungsstation OP20 Differentialgetriebe-Gehäuse

7  Pin bore: centering and reaming

8  Bolt hole: reaming

9  Outside diameter and flat surfaces: roughing

10 Inner diameter: roughing

11 Inner diameter: sizing

12 Outer diameter and flat surfaces: finish

13 Calottes: sizing


Differential gear housings place the highest demands on a machine tool:

  • Rotary machining of a wide range of internal and external surfaces with high accuracies
  • Precise insertion of holes
  • Machining of spherical inner surfaces, fits and contours
  • Optimum use of the actuating tool: the workpiece is moved to the actuating tools via the main spindles, which can be moved in X, Y and Z, with the tools plunging horizontally radially into the differential gear housing
  • The entire machining process, including internal machining of the differential housings, is carried out by just one machine with only 2 clamping situations

Complete processing of the sophisticated housing:

Cycle time 94.2 seconds

100% control and removal

All finished differential gear housings are fed to a measuring machine via a drain station after machining. The results of the 100 % measurement are used by the control system for automatic tool correction.

If the measurement results meet the specifications, the workpieces are removed via an accumulation conveyor in combination with a robot arm.


2 driven actuating tools 50 Nm / 20,3 kW / 4500 min-1
2 driven vertical radial drilling units 16 Nm / 8,9 kW / 6000 min-1
2 driven axial drilling units 3 Nm / 0,82 kW / 3000 min-1

2 main spindles

Torque 125 Nm
Power 34,2 kW
Rotations 3000 min-1


Loading conveyor with individual pallets for position-oriented insertion into the machine
Blow-off unit
Measuring station for 100% measurement
Unloading cell with industrial robot
Unloading dust belt for finished parts

Machine dimension

Machine tool 4850 mm x 2870 mm
Machine tool incl. periphery 8000 mm x 4000 mm