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In the integration of motor spindles, driven tools, axis controls, clamping components, measuring systems and industrial robots, our intelligent machining concepts for productivity increases, competitiveness and future orientation are created. Our core competencies in consulting, CAD and e-design, mechanical production, control cabinet construction, programme development, training and service form the basis for our customer orientation, flexibility and dynamism. Distinctive knowledge is in every product and every service.

Success requires motivated and competent employees who create special solutions. It is the individual people at HK-CON who make the company what it is. With commitment, creativity and the constant willingness to develop themselves and our solutions. This is how we create real added value that goes beyond the product.

Our offer to you is individually tailored to your specific needs. No matter what task you ask us to perform or in which industry you are active.

Auto und E-Lastenrad
HK-CON Konstruktion E-Mobilität

Product excerpt: Our contribution to electric mobility

Machining time: 55 seconds with 4 milling spindles

Battery frame machining centre, designed for highest productivity

Our two- or four-column bed-type milling machine with a fixed vertical clamping frame is used for machining battery carriers and frames. The two or four milling spindles facing each other enable effective machining of the 6 sides. Large freedom in the choice of tools and clamping devices supports this. The machine bed is a welded frame construction with high rigidity and stability.


Battery frame e-mobility
Elektro-Mobilität by HK-CON

Machining time: 85 seconds

Electric motor, stator ring jacket with cooling channel and end shield

  • Complete machining in 3 operations
  • Two motor spindles
  • Direct transfer of the stator ring shell from spindle to spindle
  • Simultaneous machining by two independent tools in X-, Y- and Z-axis
  • Outer diameter > 285 mm

Machining time: 94 seconds

Differential gear housing

Complete machining in 2 operations

  • Machining of the spherical inner surface, fits and contours
  • 2 motor spindles with X-, Y-, Z- and C-axis
  • 18 tools, 6 of which are driven
  • Optimum use of the actuating tool



grün eingefärbt = bearbeitete Flächen

Machining time: 35 seconds

Electronics housing

  • Complete machining incl. expanding process
  • 4 work spindles, designed as 2 double synchronous spindles
  • 36 tools, 12 of which are driven

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Machining time: 37 seconds

Steering box

6-spindle machining centre with highest precision and cycle rate

  • High accuracies
  • Short chip-to-chip times
  • 3 double synchronous spindles
  • Machining in 3 operations

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